Sustainability is very important to us here at CEV. Handling resources responsibly is not just part of our company strategy but also our philosophy. Our contributions towards sustainability take many forms – because we always have several points of departure.

To protect the environment and resources, we work together with experts from the EDEKA Group to develop sustainable and energy-efficient building concepts for their properties. We also employ active energy management in all our properties, and the insights we gain from this flow directly into our technical facility management services. By introducing comprehensive energy management systems we can, for example, realise savings potential for specialist retailers and shopping centres and significantly reduce their energy costs.

„Professionalism, client-orientation and sustainability - we live these principles every day“

Maintaining the value of properties in the long term through resource-friendly management is a primary objective for CEV. Yet sustainability for us doesn’t just mean constructing and running properties in the most energy-efficient way possible. With a view towards achieving sustainable company growth, we also systematically support our employees. Personnel development and work-life balance are very important to us.

For many years, CEV has been providing office management training primarily for real estate agents but also for business people. We are convinced that we can only meet the high demands of our clients with first-class, motivated employees. Our service focus is on actually enjoying working with clients and on a service-orientated approach. We actively live these principles - every day.