Here at CEV, we pursue a comprehensive approach and consider every detail. We therefore not only promote the effective, efficient and targeted use of commercial properties, but also optimise the ancillary costs with a view to achieving the highest possible profitability. Our property management team currently manages more than 2,300 properties across Germany, including shopping centres, retail parks, supermarkets and discount stores.

Our range of services includes

  • Individual reporting tailored to each owner
  • Ongoing control and optimisation of lease agreements
  • Commercial and technical management
  • Data processing and management in SAP
  • Electronic data storage
  • Calculation and optimisation of the ancillary costs

Peter Bildhauer

Head of Division -
Property Management

Tel.:+49 (0)40-6377 5366

Hans-Christian Mook

Deputy Head of Division -
Property Management/Legal

Tel.:+49 (0)40- 6377 5357