Irrespective of whether construction of a property or the operation of it afterwards is involved – sustainability plays a major role in these contexts nowadays. And here we can offer holistic solutions. Since 2013, CEV has been a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). This means that we don’t only focus on commercial objectives or comfort for the tenants when designing and constructing buildings. To ensure that we make a long-lasting contribution to climate protection, we place a conscious emphasis on technology and processes and focus intensively on the issue of efficient facility management.

Over the past few years, we have developed a comprehensive process model that can markedly increase energy efficiency and thus enable us to generate significant energy savings. We develop practical solutions for industrial properties and production facilities, ensuring their sustainable operation throughout their entire life cycle.

Our services include

  • Consulting and advice on the development of sustainable and energy-efficient building concepts and
    technical building services concepts for new and existing buildings
  • Obtaining EnEV energy efficiency certificates
  • Development of energy concepts and advice on implementing them
  • Preparation of multi-certified building specifications in compliance with DGNB requirements
  • Audits and support for DGNB certifications
  • Development of energy management systems and advice on
    implementing them
  • Energy auditing per DIN 16247-1
  • Audits and support to ensure compliance with ISO 50001
  • Energy monitoring of industrial properties, logistics and production facilities

Oliver Veigl

Head of Division - Sustainable Building

Tel.:040-6377 5309